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Cabana Reference

Controlling TV’s


  1. Be connected to the EOWIN WiFi Network.

1. Navigate to the Control Page

  1. Navigate to the respective Receiver box’s control page using the links below.
  2. Select the desired channel you want to tune to, using the dropdown under the Multicast section
    — 01 – Cable Box 1
    — 02 – Cable Box 2
    — 03 – Cable Box 3
    — 04 – Cable Box 4
    — 05 – Stage Camera
  3. Click the “UpdateButton next to the Multicast section to send the command.
  4. Done.

Audio System

Managing Audio using MediaPC

  1. Open the Xair Control App (on the desktop)
  2. Click “Connect”
  3. Click “Mixer -> PC”

4. Select the destination you want to edit

To manage audio for the FRONT Bar – select Bus 1 or 2 (they are linked together)

To manage audio for the BACK Bar – select Main LR

To manage audio for the Porch – select Bus 3

5. Move the faders for the corresponding audio source you wish to listen to
— JT 201: Box 201 (in the rack)
— JT 202: Box 202 (in the rack)
— Line 1: 1/8″ Audio Jack line (in the rack)
— Line 2: 1/8″ Audio Jack line (in the rack)

Troubleshooting: Ensure that the channel you are trying to listen to has audio (you should see the green lines moving next to the faders). Also, ensure neither the channel nor the mains are muted.

Backup Option – Mobile X Air App

Prerequisites for Mobile Use

  1. Be connected to the EOWIN WiFi Network
  2. Have the Mixing Station mobile app downloaded to your phone
    Link to iOS Download
    Link to Android Download

2. Setup Audio Source

(In the office) Start playing audio thru one of the following methods

  1. Via MacBook laptop
    1. Log-In to Apple Music / Spotify, etc, and start playing music
    2. Ensure the 1/8″ “Line 1” labeled audio cable is plugged into the laptop
  2. Via Receiver Boxes
    1. Tune “Box 201” or “Box 202” to the desired audio source
    2. (NOTE: Use “Box 202” to preview in the office TV)
      — 01: Cable Box 1
      — 02: Cable Box 2
      — 03: Cable Box 3
      — 04: Cable Box 4
      — 05: Stage Feed
  3. Via someone’s phone (example) plugged into 1/8″ “Line 2” labeled audio cable
    1. Plug audio device into “Line 2” audio jack available in the rack.

3. Route Audio via Mixer App

  1. Open the Mixing Station Mobile App 
  2. Select “X AIR

3. Select “Search (trial)
— IF Search fails, type in the mixer’s IP address

4. Select “Start Trial” when prompted

5. Select the one console that will be discovered (if you are connected to the EOWIN network)

6. Select channel group “In 9-16

7. Select the Destination you want to control
— Front Bar (either L or R, they are both linked)
— Porch
— Back Bar: do not select a yellow colored destination. 

8. Move the faders for the corresponding audio source you wish to listen to
— JT 201: Box 201 (in the rack)
— JT 202: Box 202 (in the rack)
— Line 1: 1/8″ Audio Jack line (in the rack)
— Line 2: 1/8″ Audio Jack line (in the rack)

9. Close the App

Controlling Cameras

Using vMix on the Desktop

The following instructions are for controlling the cameras, using vMix running on the windows computer in the office.

  1. Click on the input (camera) you wish to control
    — Camera 1
    — Camera 2
  2. Click the gear icon for the respective input

3. Click on “PTZ” on the left hand navigation

4. IF NEEDED: Click “Connect” to connect to the camera’s controls

5. Use the on screen controls to manipulate the camera into the desired view.

6. Close the window

7. Click one of the transition selectors to broadcast the camera view you just tweaked.

Using Mobile App


Be connected to the EOWIN wifi network.

  1. Download the PTZ Control App
    iOS Download Link
    Android Download Link
  2. Open the app, and add the cameras by clicking the gear icon on the top right
    1. Name the Camera Camera
    2. Type the IP Address
      Camera 1:
    3. Click Save on the top right.
    4. Do this again for Camera 2:
  3. Now, use the controls to manipulate the selected camera at will

vMix Tutorial Videos

Moving Cameras

How to preview and move cameras in vMix

Watch Video Tutorial

Saving Camera Positions

How to save camera positions in vMix presets to recall.

Watch Video Tutorial

Start Facebook Live

How to queue and start a Facebook Live broadcast from within vMix.

Watch Video Tutorial

DEMO: Producing with Web Controls

Using a screen with multiview, and a separate control surface to recall vMix positions.

Watch Video Tutorial

Remote Access

Prerequisite: Download and Install Hamachi VPN

  1. Download and Install LogMeIn Hamachi
  2. Once installed click on “Join Existing Network” and type in
    Network ID: 382-394-648
    Password: 4801426878
  3. Await being approved into the SkyNet network (to view other workstaions)

View Video Walkthru of LogMein and remote access.

View Video Content

If you want to view NDI video content from outside of Cabana Taps:
Download and Install NDI 5 (from here at NDI for Windows / NDI for Mac)

Remote Control PC

If you want to control workstations from outside of Cabana Taps:

  1. Download and Install Ultra VNC (from UltraVNC Directly)
  2. Open Hamachi and right-click the Cabana workstation you wish to VNC (remote) into.
  3. COPY the IPv4 IP Address to your clipboard
  4. Open VNC Viewer, and paste the IP Address for the workstation.
  5. Connect.


  • vMix Audio is visible in meters, but no audio is visible throughout the facility
    — Check the PC’s audio output (via the volume control on the taskbar) and toggle it to something different than what it is now.

Demo – Producing a Show

Video of July 21 – Demo